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Soil Excavation near LaCrosse WI

LaCrosse WI Environmental Consultants

This photo illustrates a soil excavation Hyde Environmental operated at a pesticide and fertilizer packaging plant near LaCrosse, Wisconsin in accordance with state and federal regulation and the WEPA (Wisconsin Environmental Policy Act).

Environmental Consulting Firm Performs Pesticide and Fertilizer Cleanup

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Anyone who works with pesticides and fertilizer compounds is required to follow strict regulations set by the state to ensure these products do not contaminate the soil. Even with the right precautions, an accident can still take place, whether it be yours or the mistake of the landowner before you. Hyde Environmental leads a team of expert environmental workers who are specialists in understanding the current state of your industrial or commercial property’s soil and how to remediate the contaminants if need be.

Whether you’re a manufacturing or distribution company, Hyde has the experience needed to successfully excavate your property’s soil to restore it to a clean, risk-free reality. We are a legitimate Midwest environmental consulting company focused on accidental spill cleanups. Our soil excavations are supervised by federal agencies so our processes are executed lawfully and correctly each time. Our clients come from every part of the Midwest for pesticide and fertilizer cleanups, including:





Accidental releases of pesticides and fertilizers can occur in any agricultural facility. Resolving recent or past releases of these chemicals can be a daunting task, but Hyde Environmental makes selling or buying industrial properties with these common issues an effortless process with our cost reimbursement services and consultation services.

Land Spreading and Other Environmental Revival Services

The above soil excavation in LaCrosse, WI was a success, but before digging everything up, the landowners had to follow the proper consultation procedures in order to perform the excavation safely and correctly. The first step any of our clients take is having a Phase 1 Assessment or Phase 2 Assessment performed. Hyde Environmental offers the following services for contamination management and clean-up: 

Phase I Environmental Site Assessment

A Phase 1 Assessment takes place when the owner of the property needs a review done of the property, whether they’re aware of any pesticide or fertilizer spills or not. They are written reports needed in any real estate transactions, leasing agreements, property foreclosures, or property developments. These reports acknowledge and lay out the conditions of the property containing the potential impact it may have on the value of the land while exempting the buyer from liability.

Phase 2 Environmental Assessments Follow Upon Discovery of REC's

A Phase 2 Assessment occurs when there is a known accidental spill on the property or other recognized environmental condition (REC). Its purpose is to fully comprehend the impact the spill has had on the environment and includes a number of samples from surface water, soil, any possible vapor intrusions, and groundwater. 

Soil excavation services must be effective in their compliance with state regulations. At Hyde Environmental, our professionals all have the chemicals knowledge to effectively approach any spilled chemicals potentially existing on your property. One of our most popular methods of soil excavation includes land spreading.

Land spreading distributes the soil out into a thin layer to help push the contaminated soil onto crops. To do this correctly, you need a trusted environmental company with the knowledge of chemical compounds and their application rates, including the condition of the soil and seasonal factors in the local area. After performing a handful of land spreading procedures in the Midwest, Hyde Environmental is the most experienced and reputable soil excavation Services Company you have access to for your environmental consulting needs.

Phase II ESA Report Property Clean Up

Interested in having your pesticides or fertilizers cleaned up? Contact us to talk with an experienced Wisconsin environmental consultant at Hyde for more information.