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Diesel Spill Cleanup

Diesel Spill Cleanup Company in Wisconsin

When faced with a diesel spill, quick and expert action is paramount to curb further contamination and secure the environment and neighboring communities. Our history positions us as Wisconsin's reliable diesel spill cleanup company. The devoted team at Hyde Environmental specializes in utilizing proven methods and cutting-edge equipment to minimize the impact and reinstate the area's initial state.

As an expert diesel spill cleanup company, you can count on Hyde Environmental’s environmental consultants for a successful remediation effort. Our unwavering dedication to environmental and community safety sets us apart as the preferred option for tackling diesel spills. Reach out today to discover how we can assist you.

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Environmental Site Assessments

If a diesel spill is suspected, it’s essential to conduct an environmental site assessment (ESA). ESAs are split into two main phases, each with its own set of procedures and benchmarks. In essence, a Phase 1 ESA assesses a site for contamination. Phase 2 then investigates and confirms the levels of contamination, and site remediation can begin once the facts have been unearthed.

Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment (ESA)

Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessment (ESA)

Preliminary study to evaluate potential environmental contamination on a property.

In-depth investigation that follows Phase 1 when potential contamination is suspected.

Aims to identify environmental liabilities or concerns related to past or current land use practices.

Involves physical testing and sampling of soil, water and other media to confirm the presence of contaminants.

Includes reviewing historical records, site visits and interviews to assess potential issues.

Determines the extent, type and concentration of contaminants present.

Focuses on identifying indications of contamination and recommending further assessment if needed.

Collects data used to make informed decisions about remediation strategies and regulatory compliance.

Provides information about potential risks but does not confirm actual contamination.

Confirms the presence and extent of contamination to inform remediation and compliance efforts.

Often conducted as part of due diligence for property transactions, development projects or regulatory compliance.

Helps property owners, developers and regulators make informed decisions about managing contamination.

Please note: Even if you are able to remediate a chemical spill without the help of Hyde’s environmental consultants, you will still lack the necessary documentation that’s provided with an ESA. It’s important to work with a diesel spill cleanup company like Hyde Environmental to make sure all your bases are covered. Failing to conduct diesel spill cleanup, or conducting a cleanup without proper permitting and proof, can eventually lead to big issues.


Wisconsin Diesel Spill Cleanup

Regulatory Compliance

Hyde Environmental’s operations are always conducted with a comprehensive understanding of the legal aspects surrounding diesel spills. As a diesel spill cleanup company, we have an expert team with a deep understanding of local, state and federal regulations surrounding diesel spill response and cleanup. 

By staying up-to-date with evolving compliance standards, we ensure cleanup efforts not only address the environmental impact but also meet the stringent requirements set forth by regulatory authorities. The commitment to compliance underscores our dedication to responsible and sustainable diesel spill cleanup practices, reassuring clients their environmental responsibilities are in capable hands.

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Effects of Diesel Spills

  • Soil Contamination: Diesel can infiltrate soil, affecting its composition and health.
  • Groundwater Contamination: Leached diesel can contaminate groundwater, a vital resource.
  • Water Body Pollution: Diesel spills can lead to water bodies being polluted and toxic.
  • Environmental Habitat Disruption: Local ecosystems can be disrupted, harming plants and animals.
  • Health Risks: Inhalation of diesel fumes can pose health risks to humans.
  • Fire Hazards: Diesel is flammable, increasing the risk of fires in spill areas.
  • Odor and Aesthetic Impact: Unpleasant diesel odors and visual changes can impact areas.
  • Cleanup Challenges: Proper cleanup is complex, requiring specialized techniques.
  • Legal and Financial Consequences: Regulatory fines and legal consequences can result from spills.
  • Community Disruption: Spills can lead to evacuations and disruptions in communities.


We proudly serve areas across the Midwest, including Milwaukee, WI and all of Wisconsin, South Dakota, Minnesota, North Dakota, Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Indiana and Michigan.

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