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Environmental Consulting

Environmental Consulting for Municipalities

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Environmental challenges demand trusted partners. When managing contaminated sites, seeking permits or ensuring regulatory compliance, municipalities require technical excellence grounded in decades of specialized expertise. Hyde Environmental brings together industry-leading environmental consultants focused squarely on the unique needs of municipal clients. Our collective expertise in assessment, investigation, remediation, redevelopment planning, regulatory liaising and program management enables us to provide tailored guidance to help municipalities act decisively on environmental issues. Whether you face an unexpected discovery, strategic redevelopment project or routine monitoring, Hyde Environmental operates as an extension of your environmental services team.

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Environmental Consulting for municipalities, work with an experienced team

Industries Served: Environmental Consulting

Hyde Environmental offers municipal environmental consulting to diverse sectors, including electric, water, public works, engineering, schools and fire departments. We focus on promoting sustainability, regulatory compliance and safety across several industries.

  • Electric departments
  • Water departments
  • Public works
  • Engineering
  • School departments
  • Fire departments

Phase 1 ESA Environmental Consulting for Municipalities

As part of our full-service environmental consulting for municipalities, we offer comprehensive phase 1 environmental site assessments (ESAs) to aid in informed decision-making about property transactions and development. Our phase 1 ESAs follow ASTM International standards to identify potential or existing environmental contamination liabilities. Specifically, we conduct non-invasive examinations of current and historical property uses, review environmental records, interview personnel, investigate site operations and visually inspect properties for contamination indicators such as hazardous materials, dumping or leaks.

After the assessment, municipalities receive a detailed phase 1 ESA report outlining site conditions, compliance with regulations and recommendations on any further investigation or remediation required before proceeding with property usage plans. With our strict adherence to regulatory standards and extensive experience serving municipalities, we provide quality phase 1 ESA services municipalities can trust to support responsible property planning and risk management.

Municipal Phase 2 ESA Consulting

Our phase 2 ESAs provide municipalities with customized subsurface investigations and sampling to confirm and delineate contamination identified during phase 1 assessment. Adhering to rigorous protocols, our experts directly probe below ground surface through soil borings, monitor well installation and conduct extensive laboratory analyses seeking hazardous substances or petroleum products.

Municipality clients receive detailed analytical reports indicating contamination types, lateral/vertical extent and concentrations relative to regulatory action levels. We then consult on required remediation plans and cost projections to restore the property to safe usable conditions aligned to municipal redevelopment goals. With strict data quality assurance and an intimate understanding of municipal needs, we conduct efficient, high-quality phase 2 ESAs.

Municipal Site Investigation Consulting

Hyde Environmental offers comprehensive site investigation services aligned with the unique needs of municipalities managing contaminated properties for redevelopment. We thoroughly assess the nature and extent of contamination through intrusive techniques like subsurface drilling, test pit excavation, groundwater sampling and analysis for hazardous substances. Our site investigation services adhere to rigorous technical protocols, utilize advanced field equipment and leverage extensive laboratory partnerships. This allows the depth and breadth required to characterize waste types accurately, delineate plume boundaries, identify transport mechanisms and quantify contaminant levels. Municipality clients benefit from the rapid turnaround of detailed forensic reports outlining our findings, regulatory exceedances, remediation recommendations and cost projections to restore sites to safe use.

Hyde Environmental offers environmental consulting for municipalities in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, North Dakota, South Dakota, Milwaukee and all of Wisconsin! Contact us for assistance.