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Wisconsin pesticide restrictions, laws, regulations & codes

Pesticide Restrictions

Wisconsin EPA Pesticide Restrictions

DATCP WI gov pesticide regulationsWisconsin State Legislature Chapter ATCP 30, from the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP), covers pesticide product restrictions in Wisconsin. This bill details what chemicals are restricted and when they can be used.

The Bureau of Agrichemical Management is tasked with the regulation of manufacturing, sale, and use of pesticides in Wisconsin. This also includes the manufacturing and sale of fertilizers, soil & plant additives. After individuals and businesses pass examinations, the Bureau’s responsibilities include:

  • Certifying pesticide applicants
  • Licensing businesses
  • Registering pesticide products
  • Licensing businesses for fertilizers, soil and plant additives

EPA Pesticide Regulations

Under the Federal Insecticide Fungicide and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) enforces regulations pertaining to the distribution, sale, and use of pesticides. The EPA follows and enforces strict codes to address the distribution or sale of unregistered pesticides, registered pesticides that differ from the composition at the time of registration, and registered pesticides that are misbranded or adulterated.

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Criminal Enforcement & Penalties

Individuals and businesses alike are subject to serious fines and penalties under the Federal Insecticide Fungicide and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) should they violate a provision of FIFRA. In general, any registrant, applicant for registration, or producer who knowingly violates a provision of FIFRA is subject to a fine of no more than $50,000 and/or imprisonment for no more than a year. Any commercial applicators of restricted use pesticides could be subject to a fine of no more than $25,000 and/or imprisonment of no more than a year. Private applicators can face criminal fines of no more than $1,000 and/or imprisonment not to exceed 30 days. In addition, Federal employees may be subject to other state and local criminal penalties.

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Pesticide Product Restrictions in Wisconsin

According to the DATCP, pesticides are broken into 3 categories, as defined in Wisconsin State Legislature Chapter ATCP 30 which covers Pesticide Product Restrictions in Wisconsin:

  • Prohibited pesticides
  • Pesticides requiring a special use permit
  • Pesticides allowed only for certain purposes

Prohibited Pesticides in Wisconsin

The following pesticides may not be sold, distributed, purchased, or used by any person or business in the state of Wisconsin:





Thallium sulfate





acid (2,4,5-T)

propionic acid (Silvex)



Ethyl parathion

Pesticides Requiring a Special Use Permit in Wisconsin

No person or business may purchase or use any of the following pesticides without a written permit from the state of Wisconsin:

  • Sodium Fluoroacetate (1080)
  • Strychnine, including products containing strychnine sold or purchased for use as pesticides
  • Any pesticide used to control insects or rodents in public sewers, except when used by a commercial applicator certified under s. ATCP 29.31 (11).

Pesticides Allowed Only For Certain Purposes in Wisconsin

No person or business in the state of Wisconsin may label, sell, or purchase any pesticide in the following list except for the purpose identified in this section:

  • Chromium – Can be used to treat lumber against wood-damaging pests such as termites and decay-producing fungi
  • Lindane – Can be used to treat animals from pests, except lactating and dairy animals because the chemical would be leech into the animal’s milk, which would be dangerous for humans to consume. Lindane may be used according to the label for the following persons:
    • Treating sheep for fleece worms.
    • Spot treating animals, other than dairy or lactating animals, to protect flesh and flesh wounds against insect infestation.
    • Treating seeds.
    • Treating yard and non-commercial garden ornamentals.
    • Treating Christmas trees in tree plantations to control pine root collar weevil, pales weevil, and pine root tip weevil.
    • Treating white pine Christmas trees and spruce Christmas trees in tree plantations to control white pine weevil.
  • Mercury – Only can be used to control winter turf disease on golf tees and greens
  • Daminozide – Can be used to treat ornamental plants that are not used for food production

Environmental Consulting Firm Contact

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Environmental Site Assessments (ESA) in Wisconsin

Meeting requirements for real estate due diligence starts with Environmental Site Assessments which are performed in 2 phases by Wisconsin environmental consulting firm, Hyde Environmental:

  • Phase 1 ESA – A written report where our qualified Wisconsin environmental consultants evaluate your property for any signs of contamination or environmental hazards that may impact property values.
  • Phase 2 ESA – Begins if any sign of contamination is found during the Phase 1 ESA. In Phase 2, the contamination is identified, the source is determined, and a plan is developed for remediation.

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