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Environmental Consulting for Automotive Dealerships & Body Shops

Hyde Environmental has been helping property owners navigate environmental hazards with comprehensive environmental consulting services since 1995. Our senior geologists and environmental consultants identify and address environmental contaminants on your land to eliminate or reduce your liability. Let our environmental consulting services for dealerships give you peace of mind.

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Environmental Site Assessments for Auto Dealers and Body Shops

Hyde Environmental specializes in providing environmental site assessments for auto dealers and body shops. Whether you require a phase 1 ESA, a phase 2 ESA or both, our assessments comply with Phase 1 Inquiry and Phase 2 ASTM standards. 

Phase 1 ESAs 

Don’t risk being held responsible for harmful substances on your property. Eliminate or reduce your liability with our phase 1 environmental site assessments for auto dealers and body shops. We help you avoid fines, cleanup costs and legal issues by identifying potential hazards and determining next steps for cleanup or remediation. 

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Phase 2 ESAs 

As part of our environmental consulting services for dealerships, we offer phase 2 environmental site assessments. With our cost-effective remediation solutions, we make sure your property is free from unsafe levels of petroleum hydrocarbons, heavy metals, PFAS and more, providing thorough supporting documentation. 

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Vapor Intrusion Assessments for Auto Dealers and Body Shops

If vapor encroachment conditions (VECs) are discovered during a phase 1 ESA, we may conduct a site investigation involving vapor testing. We identify vapor intrusion pathways and execute remediation solutions to protect your property, employees and customers from exposure. 

We test for vapor intrusion through: 

  • Groundwater sampling
  • Soil sampling
  • Soil-gas sampling 
  • Indoor air sampling 

Avoid hefty fines, legal consequences and long-term health problems with vapor intrusion testing from Hyde Environmental. 

environmental consulting for car dealerships and auto shops

Hyde Environmental, Inc. provides environmental consulting for dealerships in Milwaukee, throughout Wisconsin, and in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, North Dakota, South Dakota and beyond. Contact us today!