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Viroqua Wisconsin Soil Excavation

Soil Excavation near Madison, Wisconsin

This photo was taken of a soil excavation project in Viroqua, Wisconsin where Hyde Environmental operated in accordance with state and federal regulation and the WEPA (Wisconsin Environmental Policy Act) to clean a site of toxins.

Soil Excavation Project Successfully Completed by Environmental Cleanup Firm near Madison, WI

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About two hours away from Madison, WI, environmental consultants at Hyde Environmental carried out a phase I site assessment of the property in Viroqua, WI to determine the extent of the contaminants and potential liabilities.

This commercial site may have seen an accidental spill of any type of pesticides or fertilizer—great for keeping pests away from crops, but toxic to the environment. Any type of precautionary steps these property owners took against the possible spills of contaminants proved to be unworthy, but spills like this can never be ignored. If you need professionals who can help you identify how to clean up any unintended chemical spills on your commercial or industrial property, Hyde Environmental is your solution.

Years of experience back Hyde Environmental as the best option you have for excavating the soil on your property to return it to an original state of natural health. We perform property assessments as an environmental consultation firm to help diagnose and understand the status of accidental chemical and pesticide spills and how they should be approached during a cleanup.

Our procedures are supervised by federal agencies to ensure we are executing our services within the legal guidelines set by the state we’re working in. Although we are based in Wisconsin, Hyde Environmental provides soil excavation services for a number of businesses and firms in the Midwest, including:





Whenever a toxin is mistakenly released onto a property, the only additional mistake anyone can make is to ignore the problem. Not only will more harm be caused to the soil on the property, but if you are selling a property and your buyer discovers you had this damage on your property without disclosing it to them, you could be in some hefty legal trouble. Hyde Environmental puts property buyers and sellers on a fair playing field by assessing and remediating accidental pesticide and fertilizer spills.

The True Value of Remediation Services and Land Spreading

Soil excavations are not only valuable for the improved health of the area affected by a spill, but for the present and future owner of the property as well. If you witness or have knowledge of a spill, contacting Hyde Environmental as soon as possible will be in your best interested. Before any remediation services are offered through Hyde Environmental, property owners must have a Phase 1 Assessment or Phase 2 Assessment conducted on the area of the spill to help our professionals decide what the restorative procedure will be used to correct the accident. Hyde Environmental offers the following services for contamination management and clean-up: 

Phase I Environmental Consulting Services Wisconsin

Phase I Environmental Site Assessment near Madison, WI

The first option is for property owners who aren’t sure if there’s been a spill or not. The Phase 1 Assessment is usually requested by Midwestern residents looking for a thorough assessment of a property before buying or selling it. Phase 1 and 2 assessments provide insight on the potential impact any spill may or may not have had on the value of the land while, most importantly, exempting the buyer from liability with the environment. These reports are often times needed for real estate transactions, property foreclosures, and leasing agreements.

Phase II Environmental Assessment Madison WI

Phase II Site Assessments

The second option property owners have, the Phase 2 Assessment, is assigned to properties where a known spill has actually taken place. Whether arsenic, pesticides, or fertilizers have unintentionally been released into the environment, they are all approached the same way with this assessment. The main purpose is to fully comprehend the spill’s effect on the environment. Surface water, vapor intrusions, soil, and groundwater will all be analyzed during this assessment to ensure nothing is looked over. Once an assessment has been chosen and completed, Hyde Environmentalist’s team of professionals will decide what remediation service will suit the situation best. 

Just like all of our other services, our soil excavation practices must follow the regulations and guidelines set by the state we’re operating in. With the proper chemicals knowledge, Hyde Environmental has professionals who will know how to treat your property for its spill successfully, the first time, every time. Often used to address spills like those of pesticides, land spreading is a popular soil excavation technique we use to restore properties to their former health.

Phase II ESA Report Property Clean Up

Contact environmental consultants at Hyde Environmental are professional and knowledgeable individuals who have helped restore properties with soil excavation services.